What Drives Us-

At ASG we are committed to giving the best possible support to business professionals throughout the world, both within the aviation sector, and in other industries.  Our commitment is based on many years of experience in the aviation industry, and our willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.
The aviation industry needs to be able to both plan long-term and to react to changing and sometimes challenging business environments - it is the same in other business sectors. Increasingly we are being asked to use our skills and experience in other areas of business such as telecommunications, maritime and retail.                                                   


What We Do-

ASG provide bespoke management support in the following areas:

Strategy & Executive Support

Understanding your business and the goals you have set.  Working with directors and senior managers to understand the strategy and to build on the ideas and aspirations for the way forward.  We establish communications with stake-holders and decision makers to ensure a clear direction and action plan moving forward.  We speak with suppliers to ensure clients are getting the best deal and the best quality of service.  We look at the best ways to optimise the business and enhance the internal and external customer experience.

Planning & Delivery

Whether a new start-up, a major investment project, multi-agency programs, change processes or cost reduction - ASG gives clear information to clients and stake-holders; ensuring an accurate insight into the costs, opportunities and benefits.  We appreciate the need for excellent communication, and spend time to ensure a successful plan of action and delivery with all parties.  Our team sets key progress indicators with clients and stake-holders to ensure all projects are delivered:


And after clients spend the time and effort we want them to have operational longevity with in-built contingencies and an excellent return on their investment.  We also ensure that all interested parties are kept up to date and where there is a requirement to ensure clear communication between these parties, ASG will facilitate and manage this.

Assessment & Training

New and existing businesses need to stay up to date, and ensure their staff are trained to the highest industry standards.  The ASG team offer an assessment service, where we identify best practice, and adapt your business accordingly.  Our trainers are all operationally active, so what they teach is up to date and based on real world demands.  We offer all ground handling technical training, regulatory / statutory training (HSE, DGR, Security etc.), and management and leadership training.  We also offer mentoring and coaching for staff and managers, to help them cope with change and ensure operational excellence.  Our services are used by a number of international regulatory bodies and blue-chip clients throughout the world.

On-Going Management

ASG can supply highly experienced managers for short, medium and longer term management of areas of a client business.  As our business is based on our operational knowledge, we are happy to put ASG personnel into any operation. 

Audit & Review

Whether it be continued support; operational, quality or progress audit; contigency and emergency planning; initial and repeat training or a business healthcheck -  ASG deliver.  Our training team have industry recognised "off the peg" or custom built training courses.  Our auditors can ensure standards are met using client's internal standards, or industry recognised legislation.

We audit and train to DAQCP, CAA, IATA, ISAGO, AEA, FAA and other governement regulatory standards.

 We are not just ideas people - WE DELIVER!

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