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Consultants are expensive!
Consultancy may at first appear expensive, but in fact it works out both cheaper and more productive to "buy in" expertise.  ASG will agree clearly defined goals and time frames which means you can budget for the work and clearly identify both productivity and cost effectiveness.  At the end of the project, you have no employee issues so no need to try to find another role or pay redundancy to staff.  And of course you do not have to pay employment taxes, fringe benefits or other employee related costs either during the project or afterwards.

I have staff to do the job!
Yes you do, but if you are already using them for a role in your organisation, how can you expect them to deliver quality and on-time whilst doing their usual jobs too?  Also, by hiring outside skills, you are guaranteed a fresh approach with no "political" agenda and with experience and skills learnt in a wider field.  Indeed you will be getting unrivalled external information, which can never be achieved by internal staff.

How can I control costs and output?
Because ASG clients can set clear objectives and pre-agreed costs, you know what is on offer even before work commences.  We will then provide updates and ensure that clients are fully appraised of developments throughout the contract.  Our fees are aimed at allowing clients to realise a rapid and many-fold return on their fees, coupled with on-going benefits long after ASG have completed the contract.

My people know my business and what it needs.
Yes that is correct - they know your business.  They are unlikely to know much about the current wider industry and how the competition operate.  They know what makes their positions stronger and how your business operates today.  That makes them ideal in working with ASG, but not at introducing new and innovative ideas and methods to your business.  Of course you know your staff but if they only work for your organisation, how can they have a breadth of contemporary experience elsewhere.  ASG on the other hand work in a wide variety of markets across national and international borders.  ASG personnel are fully trained (at no cost to the client) and possess unrivalled knowledge and contacts to deliver excellence to your business.

Do ASG offer fully trained staff?
The great thing about us is that the client further reduces their costs, this time for training in-house.  All ASG personnel are fully security checked, have up to date training and licenses where required, and have many years of experience - in a wide variety of companies and markets.  All this means that clients get unrivalled expertise - which is hard to find either from current employees or from other consulting companies.

How does ASG find the right team for my company?
By carefully identifying what your business needs, ASG will build a team to deliver (whether that is a single consultant or a larger team).  We employ a number of highly trained staff, and when we require additional or specific skills, we are able to call on our pool of "reserves".  These are individuals with specific, sometimes rare skills, who are part of the ASG network and happily work with our clients under the ASG banner.  ASG do not charge any additional management or finders fees for this - and we find this is the best way of making sure clients get the best of the best at a price they can afford.

How do the fees work?
This depends on the type of contract.  If you require a short-term fix, then we can charge a daily rate or a "project" rate based on fulfilling the requirement of the contract.  We are happy to discuss a commission structure when dealing with sales, contract negotiation or procurement.  Obviously we tailor fees to both the client budget and to the longevity of contracts.  What you can be sure of is that with ASG you get REAL VALUE!

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